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"HR Fundamentals is an excellent 1 day course, perfect for line managers and those new to dealing with HR issues. The course leader Sarah, was excellent and made what sometimes seems a very complicated subject very clear." David Barke, Director, Murrays Funeral Directors

"I found the HR Fundamentals course very informative and engaging." Adam Lyons, Group HR Manager, Ron Brooks Toyota

NEXT COURSE : HR Fundamentals  date tbc  £159+vat

This course contains essential knowledge a line manager needs for their busy day-to-day roles:

- Employment Law Basics       - Recruitment and Selection      - Disciplinaries and Grievances  

Performance Management     - Stress and Absence

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Our Core Training Courses

These courses are typically run from our training facilities but can be at your premises if required.  Click on the titles for course contents. 

Please note all prices are shown exclusive of VAT.

  • HR Fundamentals - £159 - ideal for managers or those new to HR
  • HR Advanced - £199 - advanced tools for difficult HR situations

Bespoke Training Courses

We have realised there are certain areas of HR which are popular requirements for training. Click the links below to see sample contents for bespoke courses which you may like to consider for your business. This can be delivered at your own premises or you can take advantage of our training facilities.  Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.


Our Qualifications and Location :

Our HR Trainer is a chartered HR Professional with over 18 years experience in businesses, ranging from owner-managed companies to blue chip organisations.  Her expertise lies in employment law, employee relations and talent management with hands on experience of negotiations, consultations and front line HR.  She lectures on the CIPD HR Foundation course.

All the courses are delivered at our offices in Derby and we provide free tea and coffee for the duration of the course.  We also offer a free lunch,  car parking and are only 5 minutes in a taxi from Derby train station. 


HR Consultancy

We offer Human Resource (HR) consultancy services to a broad range of clients across small and medium sized companies throughout the United Kingdom. 

We work with businesses by providing no-nonsense, straight-talking HR advice, aiming to help businesses balance the requirements of the law against the needs of their business. This means that we won’t just focus on the risks, but also on the opportunities to add value or minimise costs.

If you have a particular issue you would like help with, please contact us for a no obligation discussion. 


Spotlight On.......Absence Management

Download our Free Guide to Absence Management

Did you know sickness absence loses businesses 6.5 days per year per employee, according to CBI statistics1?  Absence is a big problem for employers and their workforce, so managers need to ensure they do what's best for both the business and the employee, ensuring they stay the right side of the legislation. 

Main causes of absence may be : 

  • Back pain
  • Stress
  • Recurring medical conditions
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Mental Ill Health (for example Clinical Depression and Anxiety)
  • Home/Family Responsibilities

When an employee is away from work, it can be short- or long-term absence and the employer has to manage the workload with very little or sometimes no notice.  When the employee returns, especially after a period of long term absence the employer needs to consider any Fit Note guidance and changes to their work, to support their return to work. 

Our Free Guide provides you with useful information to assist in the management of employee absences.   If you have further questions and would like to discuss your HR requirements then please contact us.  



Course Contents 

HR Fundamentals

Everything a line manager needs to know for their busy day-to-day roles. The course covers employment law basics whilst firmly focussing on the reality of managing daily roles. 

This workshop provides practical knowledge and tools to enable managers to tackle basic HR issues with confidence. Whether you manage 1 or 21 people, this course is for you. 

The course draws on practical and real life examples - from conducting investigations and handling grievances to managing short term absence and long term stress. 

This course covers : 

  • Employment law basics and what you need to know
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of recruitment and selection
  • Dealing with tricky disciplinaries and grievances
  • Effective performance management of employees
  • Managing stress and absence 

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HR Advanced 

Targeted at the experienced general manager or HR practitioner where HR falls squarely within their remit. 

Tasked with the more complex HR issues they need the tools and knowledge to plan, execute and resolve tricky HR challenges. 

This course draws on practical and real life examples from business restructurings, case management and TUPE transfers and aims to help your business stay on the right side of the law and out of Employment Tribunals. 

This course covers : 

  • Employment law - the bits you really need to know
  • Managing change - redundancies and restructuring
  • All you need to know about business transfers (TUPE)
  • Managing stress and long term ill health
  • Dealing with dismissals

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Managing Absence at Work

Help your business improve attendance and increase productivity through effective absence management training. 

This course explores : 

  • Why managing absence is important and an overview of the legal framework
  • How to measure absence and understanding the real cost of this
  • Methods of managing short term absence and conducting effective return-to-work interviews
  • Understanding the issues in managing long term absence and dealing with long term absentees
  • Practical skills for managers who are required to have difficult conversations with employees about absence

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Conducting Investigations

A solid investigation forms the foundation of an employer dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues and employers need to get this right

Our course is based on practical experience of supporting line managers conduct numerous investigations. 

The course explores:

  • When an investigation might be necessary and the importance of a thorough investigation
  • Core principles of conducting an investigation
  • Who, and how, to interview employees at the centre of an investigation 
  • How to write an investigation report
  • Dos and don’ts of conducting investigations

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Handling Disciplinaries and Grievances

Drawing on extensive ‘Hands-on’ experience of dealing with disciplinaries and grievances we provide an opportunity for delegates to explore what they should do in a variety of misconduct / grievance scenarios in a safe environment. 

The course explores:

  •  How to chair disciplinary and grievance meetings
  •  How to handle discipline and grievances at work in line with the ACAS Code of Practice
  •  What is the right to be accompanied and the role of the companion?
  •  How to decide on an appropriate disciplinary penalty and a grievance hearing outcome
  •  Managing the disciplinary or grievance appeal process

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Recruitment and Selection

A practical course that takes line managers through the legal and best practice elements of effective and fair recruitment and selection.  The course explores:

  • The recruitment cycle and what to include in application forms
  • Whether to use health questionnaires, making job offers and reference checks.
  • Is it OK to ask? We explore a selection of questions which you should and should not ask during interviews.

We discuss the answers to common questions which recruiting managers have, including:

  • Do I have to advertise a role internally, or at all?
  • Can I put a minimum number of years’ experience required in a job advertisement?
  • Can I insist on medical checks for all new employees prior to offering them the role?
  • Are verbal promises made during an interview legally binding?
  • Can I ‘vet’ employees who apply for a role on LinkedIn/Facebook?
  • Do I have to provide a reference if requested.  Can an employee ask to see a reference which I have written?
  • If I make a job offer which is accepted but then I receive unsatisfactory references is it ok to withdraw the offer?
  • Can I ask a candidate if they have any criminal convictions?

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The Social Media Minefield

The Social Media Minefield explores managing employees and their use of social media, protecting the Company brand and interests and loss of information within an employment law context. 

The course covers:

  • The legal framework and recent case law relating to social media in the workplace.

We explore the top 5 social media risks for employers and provide practical guidance on how to handle each situation.

  1. An employee who posts derogatory comments about their employer. 
  2. An employee who leaks confidential information about their employer via social media.
  3. An employee who takes lists of contacts they have built up from social media sites accessed as part of their role and leaves to work for a rival with all the contact information.
  4. Cyber-bullying of other employees via social media.
  5. Employees spending too much time at work on social media sites. 

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Redundancy and Restructuring

Managing redundancies can be a stressful time for both employers and employees. 

The course explores:

  • Considering alternatives to redundancies
  • Managing the consultation process and getting communication right with your employees
  • Collective redundancy consultations and how to handle them
  • How to design a redundancy selection matrix
  • Suitable alternative employment and providing support to employees during the redundancy process
  • The top 10 redundancy mistakes and how to avoid them

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Varying Contracts of Employment

Introducing new terms and conditions of employment can be a tricky issue for employers to navigate and they need to ensure that they get this right first time

The course covers:

  • Why have a contract and what to include in a written statement of particulars
  • The business case for varying contracts of employment
  • Approaches to implementing changes to terms and conditions of employment
  • Getting the communication and consultation right
  • Dealing with employees who decline to agree to a variation of their contract

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