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ESOS Phase 2 - are you ready?

We’re now in Phase 2 of the ESOS Compliance Scheme.

ESOS is an energy assessment scheme that is mandatory for organisations in the UK that meet the definition of a ‘Large Undertaking’.


If your organisation qualified for ESOS Phase 1, or if you believe you meet the Phase 2 criteria as at the Qualification Date of 31st December 2018, then you will have to comply with the Scheme requirements and appoint a Lead Assessor to guide you through the compliance process, which includes on-site audits covering energy used in buildings, industrial processes and transport.

Not sure if you qualify? Contact us to determine your status.



100%Compliance - Our ESOS Phase 1 Customer compliance rate was 100%


across Manufacturing, Transport, Education, Leisure and Professional Services sectors.


Yourbusiness is at risk of financial penalties if you do not submit your ESOS Phase 2 compliance by 5th December2019. Substantialfines have already been issued to customers who missed the ESOS Phase 1 deadline.


We provide two cost effective solutions to achieve ESOS compliance.

Whateverthe route, we can manage the process for you.

Company Reg: 3259687. Reg Address: FPA Consulting Ltd, 1 St Andrew's House, Vernon Gate, Derby, DE1 1UJ. First Energy Solutions and First Quality Solutions are divisions of FPA Consulting Limited. 01332 604 321

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