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Our FREE Energy Benchmarking Service will give you an idea as to whether your current Energy Supply arrangements are as competitive as they could be.   

Energy Markets are a challenging place.  Not only do businesses have to face the volatility and uncertainty of wholesale commodity market conditions, but also the increasing price risk surrounding additional third party charges and government led incentives, which now account for circa 50% of the final delivered cost of Electricity and Natural Gas to the end user.  We can help you understand the influencing factors and why timing is so important when awarding Contracts. 

Based on information from your current invoices, our Energy Consultants can advise you on your current supply arrangements.

We have over 17 years experience in the procurement of Electricity and Natural Gas.

We are completely independent and are able to help you understand this complex marketplace. 

We specialise in providing proactive, reliable and professional support to companies. Alongside our considerable experience and in depth knowledge of the Energy Supply Markets, we manage a diverse supply portfolio with extensive volumes across several thousand sites which gives us considerable leverage when negotiating prices on behalf of our clients. 

Our success is based on trusted relationships with our clients who typically see us as an extension of their purchasing team.  

CONTACT OUR ENERGY TEAM for a free No Obligation Discussion, attaching copies of recent invoices, your contract start and expiry dates and your contact details.


Even more knowledge please......

If you would like a more in-depth review of your energy strategy, spend and processes, please ask us about us undertaking an Energy Procurement Review on your behalf.  

Your Review includes our 4 stage process to produce a bespoke Management Report, aiming to minimise unnecessary expenditure within your energy processes and supply arrangements.  

Read case studies about our Energy Procurement Review

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