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Energy spend may be a major consideration in your business expenditure. It is important therefore that you identify the most appropriate contract structure and pricing option. There are two main contract pricing options available to you Fixed or Flexible. Determining which option is more appropriate to your business needs will depend on your appetite for risk and your budgetary demands.


Fixed Price Option

This method provides you with protection against future price increases and safeguards against market volatility. It is the easiest way of managing price risk, as it provides a simple understandable structure that gives you certainty on what you will pay for your energy in advance. The main advantage is that it provides budget certainty.


Flexible Price Option

This option provides the opportunity to be more responsive to changing market prices throughout the year and as a result reduces the risk of fixing all of your volume at a time when prices may be at a peak.  It allows you to participate directly in the wholesale market, undertaking trades for both different durations and profiles which are tailored to your individual demand requirements.  In effect you have complete control over what and when to buy.

A flexible pricing approach is a complex buying process so our Market Intelligence Reports and technical expertise will assist you in determining the optimum time to buy thereby, ensuring that you reduce your risk whilst at the same time maximise the financial benefits.


Why choose FPA:

  • We have been providing our energy procurement service for 15 years
  • We have a proven track record of optimising our clients’ energy budgets
  • We provide a bespoke personal service where you can ring our Energy Consultants directly
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our knowledge and expertise
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