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Meter Operator Agreements

Many organisations that are multi-sited with large consuming electricity supplies (above 100kWh) find themselves with a variety of different meter operator agreements (MOP) in place with different service providers.

To ease the burden and management of these arrangements and to reduce your annual cost, why not simplify your metering arrangements with a competitively sourced single MOP agreement for your entire half-hourly electricity metered portfolio.

We can provide impartial guidance on the competitive sourcing of a suitable independent MOP agreement supplier and help you achieve preferential pricing.

MOP agreements can be competitively tendered, click the link to see The Stages of our Procurement Process.


Smart Meters

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters and will provide accurate energy consumption information to consumers bringing an end to estimated billing. They offer a range of intelligent functions and include two-way communications technology, which means that data such as meter readings can be collected remotely from the meters.

Installing a Smart Meter will enable you to gain better control of your electricity usage and costs by providing you with the data to identify where and when you are using the most power.

Key benefits are:

  • Automatic readings of your usage;
  • Readings can be sent on a daily basis via a simple communication link;
  • Accurate monthly billing;
  • Ability to view your usage data online;
  • Improved pricing from utility suppliers resulting from good quality consumption data.

Whilst the Government and the energy industry are taking steps to prepare for the roll-out of Smart Meters across Great Britain by the end of 2019, with the ever increasing cost of gas and electricity, rather than wait for your turn you may wish to take the initiative to undertake the installation of Smart Metering at your site(s) to enable you to start to realise the forecasted cost savings which you will benefit from through the installation of such equipment.

We’ll manage the complete Smart Meter installation service on your behalf to ensure that you not only maximise the cost benefit opportunities but also that you enter into an agreement which best suits your particular business needs.


Case Studies

Customer: Transport Operator in Northern England

Scope of Work: Facilitation of the installation of new AMR (Smart Meters) and 100kW COP5 Meters

Activities: Sourced the requirements through our preferential contract arrangements with suppliers in this field. 

Benefit: The Customer achieved a lower unit cost.


Customer: Transport Operator in East Anglia

Scope of Work: Supply and installation of AMR1 devices.

Activities: Managed a tendering exercise on behalf of the Customer.

Benefit: The Customer achieved a lower unit cost and a professionally Project Managed installation programme from the successful Supplier.   


Customer: Police Authority in the Midlands

Scope of Work: Assist in the resolution of AMR data transfer issues

Activities: Provided independent advice and guidance to the Customer in relation to an AMR Contract which they had sourced directly themselves to ensure timely resolution of outstanding data transfer issues

Benefit: Customer now receiving AMR data in required format.


1 An AMR device is a Smart Meter. 

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