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Background to Project Nexus

We are writing to keep you updated on the ongoing developments within Project Nexus, a £90M UK wide industry programme that will update the central Natural Gas IT systems in the UK and which will also support the roll-out of advanced and smart metering which is a great move forward for suppliers and business customers in the UK.  The new systems have been developed, for volume reconciliation purposes, based upon individual meter supply points and therefore any supply points currently aggregated together will need to be de-aggregated in readiness for this change.

In preparation for the new systems going live in October 2015, utility suppliers have been reviewing all of their Customer’s Contracts and identifying those with aggregated meter supply points. 

All those with aggregated supply points should now have been de-aggregated into single supply points.

What Does this Mean for Our Customers?

As a result of the de-aggregation process suppliers have had to make changes to the way they bill the standing charges on invoices.  While each supplier’s approach may vary, where meters have been aggregated in the past with a single standing charge, each of these meters will now be billed with their own individual standing charge.  Customers may notice changes to their invoices they are now receiving in respect of supply periods commencing July 2015 where the standing charge will be split across the number of meter points they have, and in addition where they previously received one invoice per site, they may now receive one invoice per meter supply point.

Financial Impact

It is expected that the combination of these separate charges should be representative of the previously billed aggregated charges, however, this will be dependent upon the charges being levied to each supplier from the network operator National Grid.

Summary of Key Changes

  • Any previously aggregated metered supply points will now appear on invoices as single supply meter points
  • Changes are now being made to invoices by suppliers to reflect the way standing charges are now calculated
  • The site references on invoices may change
  • Where you had one invoice per site, you may now start to receive one invoice per single meter supply point

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Luty on 01332 604312.

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