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There is a forthcoming change being introduced by the Energy Regulator OFGEM, labelled as Regulation P272, which will impact on all maximum demand non-half hourly electricity meters which have Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters fitted.


OFGEM Regulation P272

What is it?

P272 requires that all maximum demand non-half hourly electricity meters which have Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters fitted will need to be settled on actual half-hourly consumption information.  This is similar to larger half hourly electricity supplies which are already settled on the half hourly market.

What does this mean to my Business?

If you have maximum demand electricity meters that have AMR fitted then these meters will be priced by suppliers in the future against actual half hourly consumption data.  Maximum demand meters are those which have a profile class between 05 and 08, identified by the leading two digits of your meter point administration number (MPAN), see example below:








The above example has the profile class (06) highlighted in bold.  If the numbers in this box are 05, 06, 07 or 08 then the meter will be affected by P272 if you have AMR installed.

Perceived Advantages arising from the change:

  • More accurate billing as suppliers will use actual consumption data to produce invoices
  • Less price risk as suppliers will be using actual historical usage data to determine Contract prices e.g. lower consumption occurring during peak times will attract more competitive prices.

What are the Additional Costs?

The change will most probably impact some non-energy costs, mainly transmission and distribution charges.  As with half-hourly electricity prices, it is expected that this change will result in authorised supply capacity charges being levied to end users.

Will my Business need to Change Meters?

The majority of customers affected will not need to change physical meters. If AMR is already installed in most cases it will be configured remotely and will already be capable of taking the Half Hourly readings. 

You may, however, need to appoint your own meter operator and data collector.  Alternatively, your electricity supplier should appoint these for you on a default basis which could mean you are not taking advantages of the most competitive price and service levels available.

When is this change happening?

The latest official deadline for compliance by suppliers and end users is April 2017.  It is, however, expected that utility suppliers will begin to transfer all relevant electricity supplies over to their half-hourly systems well in advance of this date, with some commencing the process before the end of this year.



If you have any questions relating to OFGEM Regulation P272 and the potential impact on your business please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Luty.

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