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Protecting client data should be the number one priority for all business around the world. There
have been various mishaps over the past years where important data has been lost, has escaped or where systems have been hacked into because of poor security which has led to the information
getting into the wrong hands. This is not acceptable and there should be no excuse for this to
happen again; especially since are a variety of data protection systems available: but in our eyes,
only one that does the job!
Many companies/organisations have some sort of information security control but they seem to be
flimsy and unreliable: so by enlisting the help of an outside company which has achieved the ISO
27001 certification
(which is an information security management system), you will successfully
bring all information under management control.
FPA Consulting (via its Quality division First Quality Solutions) is a reliable and well-known company that is proud to have 100% track record in helping their customers achieve their ISO 27001 certification. It has enabled them to bring their clients the highest possible information security but will also help them to identify the risks involved when they have information and assets that need protecting.

Once they have done this, they can take steps (along with the help of FQS) to put appropriate security controls in place. The clients have confidence in what FQS offers and know that their information will be safe!
Having FQS behind your company will also give you the confidence to broaden your client base.
Having doubts about whether the information you hold is protected can sometimes discourage
companies from trying to secure new business until some sort of security is put in place, so the
quicker you get help with your information security management, the quicker you can start to grow
your business.
Here are a few points that we have put together which will show you why FQS is the place to turn
to when your business/organisation is in need of Information Security Management:

  • We help you to manage the process better if there were to be a breach of security
  • We understand the risks to the information and assets of your business, so we ensure that you have better protection
  • We ensure that you have a better chance of securing new business by helping them recognise that their information is protected to the highest standard
  • We can integrate the new system with the ISO 9001 to improve efficiency

Contact us today to see how we can help you. 


Company Reg: 3259687. Reg Address: FPA Consulting Ltd, 1 St Andrew's House, Vernon Gate, Derby, DE1 1UJ. First Energy Solutions and First Quality Solutions are divisions of FPA Consulting Limited. 01332 604 321

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