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Procurement of Waste Management Services 

Trent College is an independent fee-paying educational establishment founded in 1868 that caters for students of all ages up to the normal University entrance stage. There are approximately 1,100 registered students presently occupying an extensive site that includes selective boarding facilities, teaching blocks, comprehensive catering and dining services, sports and swimming centres and playing fields.


Trent College (TC) engaged FPA Consulting Ltd (FPA) to initially undertake a review of the current arrangements to determine if they offered the optimum service solution and secondly to undertake a procurement exercise for the renewal  of their Waste Management Services and to then provide ongoing post contract support for the subsequent new agreement.  The main aims were to establish if any cost savings could be achieved and to improve the level of service currently being provided.

Current Position

TC had two suppliers for Waste Management Services both providing a similar service. Following a detailed review of the current arrangements and assessment of future operational requirements it was decided that the procurement strategy to be adopted by TC was that of a single service provider for the whole requirement.

Our Approach

Working closely with TC we undertook a complete review of their existing contracts and requirements and developed a 4 stage approach to assist them with competitively sourcing their requirements as follows:

Stage 1 – Review of Existing Agreements

FPA undertook a detailed assessment of the two current arrangements to firstly determine their suitability in relation to the day to day operational needs of the school and secondly to evaluate whether or not they were providing value for money.

Stage 2 -  Development of a Procurement Strategy

Using the outputs from the review exercise and working closely with the school’s Director of Operations and Estates Manager we jointly developed a strategy and subsequent specification for the procurement of a Waste Management Services Agreement which was more reflective of the school’s current and future needs.

Stage 3 – Management of the complete Tendering process

Recognising the precise requirements identified during Stage 2, FPA then undertook a market place review to identify those potential service providers who would be able to meet each of the elements detailed within the specification. Once the review had been concluded FPA shared the outputs with TC who confirmed their acceptance of the proposed list of tenderers. FPA then, on behalf of TC, managed the complete tender process through to recommendation and award. Throughout the entire tender process FPA ensured that the two TC representatives were kept fully informed at each stage of the process thereby ensuring that the service which they were going to contract for fully met their requirements.

Stage 4  – Ongoing provision of Post Contract Support

As a direct result of the long standing working relationship which TC have had with FPA, who provide them with a number of other services, TC took the decision to outsource the ongoing management of the new Waster Management Services Agreement to FPA.

The benefits to Trent College

The key benefits to TC arising from the activities undertaken by FPA were as follows:

 A single Waste Management Services provider;

  • Rationalisation of the type and number of receptacles;
  • Reduction of 50% in annual costs;
  • Agreed Service Level;
  • Provision of a suite of management reports to assist the school with its waste minimisation aims;
  • Reduced direct day to day involvement of TC staff thereby enabling them to focus on other activities.

James Gregory, Director of Operations, Trent College comments “FPA provided a specialism which the school did not have and through their professional structured procurement approach helped us to substantially reduce our annual costs, rationalise the number of service providers and obtain an improved service provision which better meets the needs of the school”


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