Why should you check your energy and utility invoices?

It is a startling fact, but research has shown that as many as a quarter of energy and utility bills would fail invoice validation. These errors mean that businesses could be significantly overpaying for their gas, electricity and water consumption.

Checking energy and utility bills can be a complex task as tariffs and industry charges are constantly changing. All too often, the accounts team is very busy and may not have the specialist knowledge and expertise required to interpret the charges or be fully aware of the meters and appropriate consumption, particularly when multiple sites are being invoiced. Consequently, errors can be easily overlooked and inaccurate invoices are approved for full payment.

Why is Energy & Utility Bill Validation Important?

Quite simply, this service could be saving you money. Not only can the identification of billing errors lead to supplier refunds, the analysis of consumption profiles can also help when negotiating pricing and contracts with suppliers and target areas where operating efficiencies could be improved. Furthermore, incorrect invoicing will undermine your procurement strategy.

How can FPA Consulting help?

 Our rigorous utility invoice validation process ensures every element of your invoices are checked so that any discrepancies are quickly identified and challenged with your suppliers. Based on experience this service more than covers its costs by identifying errors, delivering efficiencies in both usage and the procurement process.

The outputs of the bill validation service provide your business with regular consumption reporting data across your supply portfolio, allowing you to monitor consumption trends, identify exceptions and target areas for energy saving opportunities.

By appointing our experienced team, we take on the task of validating your invoices, you can be assured that we will carry out numerous checks on your current and historical invoices. These checks include standing charges, contract rates, industry pass through charges and metering costs.

We’ll also assess taxes and levies and consumption rates against industry benchmarks to ensure your tariff meets the needs of your business.

Our utility invoice validation service removes the uncertainty that your invoices could be incorrect and delivers peace of mind that your energy and procurement strategy is well managed by experts with the skills and time to highlight and rectify discrepancies.

Furthermore, our dedicated Energy Team manage all communications with your appointed suppliers, saving your business money and administrative time which might be better utilised on other projects.

Contact us on 01332 604321, send an email to enquiries@fpaconsulting.co.uk,   or complete the enquiry form below to discuss your requirements with one of our energy specialists.

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