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On March 8th, the global community celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) and the theme for 2013 is The Gender Agenda.

According to the Home Office [i], women are still paid less than men for doing the same job. Since the Equal Pay Act in 1970 was signed the playing field is still not level, even after 43 years!

The Home Office do now consider that nearly half the UK workforce is women[i] but there is still progress to be made.

FPA can hold its head high and say that nearly 50% of its workforce is female, of those almost 90% are in customer facing consultancy roles. We operate an Equal Opportunities Policy when recruiting and rewarding our employees.  We asked all our female colleagues if they considered FPA a fair employer and 100% said Yes.

John Barke, our Managing Director comments “we look to recruit and reward the best person for the job, be they male or female. We are proud of the women in our business, they make a major contribution to our success. We find women have very good communication skills and make excellent consultants.   Looking at the results of the survey, we must be doing something right and it’s very pleasing that our workforce is happy”.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since 1911 in Austria, Denmark and Germany.  The First World War only proved to highlight the role women can play in society and the workplace and since then, across the world, different incidents in hundreds of countries have helped to cement the need to celebrate the progression of Women.  This has resulted in March 8th 2013 being recognised as an Official Holiday in some countries which you may not expect such as Cuba, Georgia, Cambodia, Turkmenistan and the Zambia.

Women now play a major part in UK society and we now have women astronauts and women politicians, women can go to university and have a real choice about whether to take time away from the labour market to raise a family.

As well as IWD having its own theme each year, the UN supports International Women’s Day and gives it its own unique twist.  In 2013 the UN theme is Ending Violence against Women.   The violence against women in some countries is still far worse than that on men and the UN is keen to stop this.

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