RISQS Certification

Would you like to work on the UK Rail infrastructure?

If your company would like to win contracts to work on the UK Rail infrastructure, we can help you understand the requirements and the skills, qualifications and accreditations you will need to hold.

In order to work on the UK Rail Infrastructure your company must comply with the Railways Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) Audit Protocols.

RISQS is a single common qualification process and supplier database which is then accessed by buyers from Network Rail, Transport for London and over 100 other rail organisations.

We can work with you to develop and Implement a Rail Compliance System that meets the requirements of any of the RISQS protocols that you need to be accredited to.

How do I achieve RISQS Compliance?

Qualifying involves completion of the online RISQS Portal and choosing your RICCL codes. Some code groups require registration only, whereas others require qualification through an on-site audit with an external RISQS auditor.

The nine RISQS Audit Protocols are the standards against which your company is audited. We can help you achieve compliance to the Audit Protocols relevant to your organisation by reviewing your documentation, helping you complete your Portal and developing your Rail Compliance System.

Our Rail Compliance Specialists have in-depth knowledge of the product codes and the requirements of the Audit Protocols and can advise the best course of qualification for your company.

The Accreditation Process

The first stage for all organisations is to complete and submit the Questionnaire via the RISQS online Portal, select RICCL Codes and establish if rail infrastructure access is required.

If the RICCL codes are auditable, or you require Sentinel access then your application will be subject to an Audit by RSSB and you will be required to have a Rail Compliance System in place with supporting demonstrable evidence. Some RICCL codes are verifiable only and you simply complete the online portal and pay your membership fee.

How we Help Develop and Implement Rail Compliance Systems

If you are subject to a RISQS Audit, you will be required to demonstrate your Rail Compliance to an external Auditor. This includes a Rail Compliance System comprising of a series of procedures, policies, template forms and work instructions tailored to your business.

We offer two services. If you require a new Rail Compliance System our Specialists will understand your business and then work with you to develop a new system, transferring knowledge so that you are well prepared with a pre-audit to ensure audit readiness for your external audit. Alternatively, if you have an existing system that requires updating then we will update your system and transfer knowledge in preparation for your external audit.

The External RISQS Audit

There are nine RISQS Audit Protocols, forming the standards against which your company is audited:

  • Core
  • Sentinel
  • CDM
  • Safe Work Planning
  • Plant Operations Scheme
  • On Track Plant
  • Non-Trackside Sponsors
  • Medical Screening
  • Alcohol & Drugs Testing

All auditable product codes will be subject to the Core Requirements, others are mandatory for different rail activities including Sentinel if you require Infrastructure access either trackside or non-trackside.

If you would like to discuss how we can support your organisation, please get in touch.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with FQS. After developing our ISO 9001 and RISQS systems some years ago, FQS supported us during our ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification. Very efficient and quick to respond, can’t recommend them enough”

James Phillips, Compliance Manager & Sentinel Co-ordinator

Coleman Construction & Utilities

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Specialist high voltage electrical engineering contractors, Oaks Power Services experienced many benefits as a result of achieving several accredited management standards.

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