Utility Price Risk Management Services

Fix and flex pricing options

In a climate where companies are facing ever more complex, volatile and demanding conditions when making energy purchasing decisions, effective risk management is crucial.  our objective is to ensure the solutions we offer to our clients are tailored to meet their specific requirements, risk appetite and, most importantly, their budget aspirations.

Our dedicated and experienced utility procurement specialists will work closely with you to understand the bespoke needs of your business.  We will assist you with the development of an energy purchasing strategy ensuring you have access to the most favourable gas, electricity and water prices available.

We can help you :

  • Plan your energy procurement strategy
  • Evaluate the risk relevant to your business from adverse market movements
  • Understand price forecasting and market conditions
  • Determine the most appropriate pricing methodology
  • Undertake commodity trades and financial hedges

In addition, we will ensure your wider business objective are being met in accordance with your preferred approach to price risk management.

If budget certainty is your preferred approach then a fixed price contract could be the most suitable solution, giving you peace of mind that prices will not be influenced by volatile wholesale utility market conditions.  It is the easiest way of managing price risk, as it provides a simple understandable structure that gives you certainty on what you will pay for your energy in advance.

Or, if cost saving opportunities are your priority, then a more flexible procurement strategy can be adopted, allowing you to be more responsive to changing market conditions.  It allows you to participate directly in the wholesale market, undertaking trades for different supply durations and profiles which are tailored to your individual demand requirements.  In effect you have complete control over what and when to buy.

A flexible pricing approach is a complex buying process so our Energy Helpdesk will provide you with advice and support along with our Market Intelligence Reports to help you in determining the optimum time to buy thereby, ensuring that you reduce your risk whilst at the same time maximise the financial benefits.

We understand that one size does not fit all, and businesses will want to approach the procurement of utilities in different way. We will agree a unique risk managed approach for you, allowing us to deliver to your exact requirements.

We pride ourselves, therefore, on our close working relationships with our clients and the ongoing support and service provision that we continue to provide throughout the supply contract.

If you would like to discuss how we can support your organisation, please get in touch.

“We have worked with First Energy Solutions over a number of years to assist us in developing an appropriate strategy for managing our exposure to fuel price fluctuations. This has involved facilitating the setting up of accounts with appropriate financial institutions and execution of the final trade. Their knowledge of the fuels market and the various price hedging mechanisms has proved to be invaluable.”

William Moore, Procurement Manager


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FPA Consulting has helped East Midlands Chamber of Commerce achieve management standards and procure energy efficiently.

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